We are being called to listen to and question our trust in ourselves and others. Listening and trusting through relationship with ourselves and others reveals hidden openings for re-evaluation old wounds from the past are surfacing as we move through clearing and recalibration we can grow through relationship dissolving timelines at a very fast rate on deep levels.

If we choose our inner work as our priority the issues of trust are being revealed as we go through this period of merging with others in the deep water cleansing of our inner and outer worlds.

Projection of our wounds and hurts onto others is a sign of entanglement and drains energy and is not a relationship in harmony. Everyone is dealing with different wounds and hurts. If we are projecting our pain on to others something deeper is happening we need to take a look in the mirror.

This is why it is important to look where our own wounds are being triggered and not get into entanglement with others. When we have boundaries take responsibility for ourselves and look at what is surfacing for reflection and release we may find it is not what is causing the triggers it is an opportunity to dive into the unknown.

This release is necessary for harmony in relationship and expansion as we are being squeezed. When we allow ourselves to be vulnerable in a dance with our masculine and feminine energy and are not in opposition we are joining in the energy fields as flocks of birds and shoals of fish are in synchronicity with each other feeling the fields in the physical body the need to dance and flow with each other is our priority as we move into this time of water and earth love in synchronicity with ourselves and each other. It’s not either or it’s both and more.

An experience of healing myself in multidimensional fields was almost instant. I had an abscess come up on my tooth should I say abys somethings opening and ready to blow I felt laughing then came the opportunity to push the energy in my relationship with my twin to dance come in come out as I embraced this feeling of vulnerability and re visited childhood wounds of trust I was able to integrate with my body that which was being released.

I stood on the earth barefoot and connected through my heart mer-ka- ba where the hearts toroidal field merges and asked myself honestly can I embrace this abscess should I say abyss instantly could I really feel my body sensations and a normal healthy body while in physical pain so I honestly felt no I knew my human still had some doubts I was still in pain and I did not want to create from my linear thinking mind and focus on the pain and create healing through duality and go round in the loop of the victim wound.

So I found a space where I felt comfortable in the knowing that I could feel into my toroidal field in my heart and moved the toroidal field with my arms I felt connected inside and out through my heart. I started to feel the sensations in my body I could see my body in a green emerald light healing.. My body started to respond and the pain dissolved without my awareness it was as though this transformation had not taken place in physical time.

The next morning I woke up and the swelling was gone there was a gap of twelve hours between the healing and disappearance I saw that I had opened up in surrender with gratitude and love in trust in the lesson that I experienced.

So much Love