Sharing Your Gifts

You are a unique part of the puzzle and an important part of the whole you are essential and when you fully express your gifts and share them with the world you are being the best example of yourself and are able to assist others to be the best they can be. When we embrace our gifts and don’t compare ourselves with others as we are all different we become excited to be who we are and it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. Being yourself expressing yourself and sharing your gifts and talents is your part of the puzzle that supports the whole. To be united is about supporting everyone’s differences to be expressed I shine you shine we all shine.

Becoming the magical child

When we get below the surface of who we are we are childlike and enthusiastic our magical child is released in creative self-expression. We believe everything is possible and fun we create play dance sing and enjoy life. This does not mean we are childish and forget all that we have learned as an adult we balance maturity with our childlike freedom. We consciously know that we are responsible for our actions and take care of our own needs and others and our environment. We are open to being the most we can be by letting go of beliefs that do not serve us replaced with positive empowered action.

Practice non attachment let go shift and transform.

When we trust without expectation we see synchronistic opportunities we have a feeling of imagination and dreaming that anything is possible limitless. We see solutions for problems easily enjoying the moment when we are having fun we don’t think or worry about the future. We let our higher self – observe our physical self not the ego.

If we don’t share our gifts we are not in the same frequency as those who do. If we put our head in the sand and hide our self-expression it’s like someone turned out the light. So this is why we reflect back to see what is holding us back from reaching and achieving our full potential in self-reflection process. looking in the mirror for the solution.

If we want to live a harmonious life we must first let go of what is holding us back any lack, limiting beliefs, fear not being enough, and the illusion of polarity good bad wrong right dark light etc. to make space to create a harmonious us living together in unity creating a harmonious Earth.

When we give our attention to our inner shadow and question this is a wonderful opportunity for growth instead of poor me we embrace the unknown and become the observer of what is being brought to the surface for transformation and exploration.

When we look at a tree it is rooted and moves gently and strongly as the seasons change.

When we are aligned with nature we go with the flow and have acceptance of what is. We don’t try and stick the leaves back on the tree in the winter we accept that this is part of the cycle and transition and a natural part of the cycle of the seasons. And so it is with all life forms when in synchronicity and cooperation with each other a process of regeneration composting is taking place. Letting go is acceptance.

From a perception of transformation of our shadow this is where we find our power.

Let’s look at what we are feeling from another perception one where we see the surfacing of our shadow as a gift and showing the way.

All that needs to collapse will collapse. When we become the observer of what we are experiencing emotional crisis, feeling confused, fearful, angry and resentful we have the opportunity to view ourselves from another perception.

We can feel a victim and powerless like we are going down into a deep hole with no way out.

Wait ! Here’s a reminder you may have forgotten.

You are a transformer of your inner and outer realities We are the conduits of energy and the more we can ground and anchor energy of high vibe into our planet earth the more light we shine the more love we express the more we transform our lower vibrational thoughts beliefs words actions and intentions transforming our everyday life from the familiar into a mystical adventure of the unexpected. We have changed our perception of ourselves by embracing our inner light our gifts.

When we don’t ignore our call for attention from our body our feelings our emotions we start to seek the solution inside we hold space to listen and give ourselves what we need to support ourselves.

Once we light our inner fire we begin to rise like the phoenix in our magnificence from the caterpillar into the butterfly emerging through expansion without fear and confusion.

Surrender is the place where we ask for help its place where we can’t hold on any longer this is the best place you can ever be in as we all know we come to this place again and again in our lives victim consciousness this is where we can become a creator and into empowerment.