Sharing Your Gifts your natural abilities   eco residential retreat centre is for healing, teaching, learning in groups to shift vibrationally   through   transmuting   and integrating into unity consciousness through presence. In   the natural landscape of Central Portugal amongst a growing off grid eco community

We work in groups closely with Mother Nature in the natural landscape of central Portugal with a focus on inner transmutation and integration into oneness. I have worked as an oracle, healer, artist, writer, teacher, earth keeper working and learning with indigenous shamans & sacred plant medicine I personally will bring a mix of shamanic ancient and new transformation processes to the centre with visiting 5D teachers, way showers and indigenous shaman.

We work with mother nature’s teacher plants, the dream state, the awakening process, self-love practice, surrendering your ego to your higher consciousness, learning on a quantum level, learning to clear all resistances , working with the body living on light energy, living in unity consciousness caring and sharing through compassion, multidimensional fields, co-creating reality, the physical body redefining everything through and from your higher consciousness, evolutionary astrology , water fasting and living on light energy, urine therapy, experience living in a co-creative eco-community and all the new and inspiring projects that go on in our extended off grid eco community here in Portugal. This is a dream I have had since a child and  the first centre with the intention to create around the world working with our indigenous communities in south America. The Eco construction for the centre will also support   each being   to share their gifts, your natural abilities and projects. Start date for the project is Spring 2019.