Native American wisdom seesĀ  the circle representingĀ  all life, unity, energy and movement. It is a symbol found throughout the planet. Native peoples see circles as sacred enclosures. Some call them medicine wheels. Native Americans, Celts and Chinese all have wheels.powers, qualities, and energies reside in each cardinal direction of a wheel-North, South, East, West, well as the places in between, which can be used as a map of awareness. You are at the center of your own wheel of creation, and will have a natural affinity with certain places on the wheel. Our own medicine wheels, or circles, teach us the oneness of all life, of all creation, and our place in the circular dance of the life force energy. All energy either circles, spirals or rotates from the movement of the planets to the changing seasons, the circulation of our blood, and the energy spiraling within ourselves. We are truly part of nature, not separate from it. Native people used to live in circular homes or tepees. They still sit in council circles, sweat lodges are round and ceremonial dances are circle. Wa Na Nee Chee What is Medicine ? Medicine means vital force, life force, wholeness. To be whole is to be healed, to bring to an end the separation of the parts of oneself and separation from life so as to become a fully integrated human. A fully integrated whole human is a holy person. medicine is anything which brings personal power and understanding, strength and wisdom gained through life experience. Medicine is power in the real sense of the word power over oneself and one’s ability to respond to and to consciously co-create life. The medicine Wheel teaches the living of life in a way that brings healing and health to the Earth Mother and to all of our family, friends and fellow creatures. It guides us to maintain our connection to the Great mystery and to all aspects of life. our personal medicine is what we have to give away to other humans and to the world. It is what we contribute to the collective in our lifetime. It is what we can look back on at the end of our life with pride and pleasure, what we gave to the evolution of all that is, our unique contribution to the evolution of All Life. Leo Rutherford