For all ages abilities a platform for co creating visions dreams manifesting action plans with community support and creative self-expression

These retreats are for those who want to meet others in a creative space and co-create together we will use connecting community tools both new and ancient that support our relationship with each other and our environment and co-create with love, happiness, joy, dancing, music, art and laughter together.

When we delve deep and listen to the land and each other and our own creative source on a journey of discovery and transformation in the beautiful peaceful surroundings of Mother Nature.

Because art is so closely connected to the human creative mind and psyche it is also a dream stage for the future.

We will enter that stage through our individual and common focus on the spirit which sustains the arts in us. In that sense the outcome cannot be predicted but I trust that it will happen organically and naturally according to the gifts we bring and receive from the spirit, from each other and from the peaceful surroundings of our natural environment.

Creating in nature, exercises to access the creative self, art in beautiful surroundings, sculpture in nature, experience of light and dark transitions through charcoal, individuality of colour, group expression through colour, giving and receiving in circle in the evening, drumming, singing, dancing, choices of activities, creative recycling, costume drama, creative writing, environmental art.



The re-balancing of male and female energies. The re-connection with the divine feminine. The re-birthing of a new Earth. We will explore through ancient practice and tools.

  • What are our foundations how can we transform and grow through concious connection.
  • Are we comfortable with ourselves ready for relationship with others.
  • How can we balance our masculine and feminine energies in our partnerships through taking responsibility for our own wounds and not being a victim projecting our shadow onto our partners.
  • How do we give and receive in our relationships and hold space for our partners.
  • Connecting with our shadow merging and becoming stronger
  • Engaging with our animal self
  • Awakening to our sensitive heart revealing our vunrability
  • How can we resolve disagreements in our relationships
  • How can we assert ourselves whilst remaining heart centered
  • How can we listen with compassion
  • How can we connect with our divine self,spirit .

We will empty the body of old pain and structures. We will work with gratitude, integrity, surrender and awakening. We will invite our wild, tender sexuality and sacred connection to spirit. Embracing all whom we are, our vulnerability, passion, innocence, power, sensuality, shyness and playfulness.

We will explore the above through movement, Sacred Ceremonies, meditation, sacred singing, medicine wheel, drumming, family constellations shamanic practice and tools with so much love.



Into maturity with a deeper experience of the divine. In ancient traditions vision quests were initiation rites and were to help boys make their journey into adulthood. These quests are open to all genders adults. We also have young ones quests.  

These quests can awaken and deepen spirituality and leadership in our life purpose.

Most are questioning what it is to be a new human and are longing for support and guidances , and coming to trust that there is something much greater at work in our lives than we could ever imagine.

Living an empty life experience without reflection leads to depression and powerlessness when we engage in adventure and mystery our life can become illuminated opening doors to new opportunities for expansion.

We will engage through ritual with themes for reflection and sharing. You are called to come with an open heart with no expectation with the willingness to seek and participate in your experience.



and a home group for regular meet ups Central Portugal

For most men, the question of what it means to be a man is perplexing. Most men have a longing for the support and guidance of other men in their journey towards masculinity, maturity, and a deeper experience with the divine.

These retreats can help awaken men to the adventure and mystery of their own masculinity, their deep spirituality, their potential for leadership, mystery and adventure that life brings when engaged in lifes purpose.

Men are asked to come with out expectation and a willingness to seek with an openmind with participation and intention ofcreating new connections new friends and support.



Ancient ways for todays challenges.

If you feel called to be of service and explore the deeper mysteries of the shamans world we have experiential learning with tools for miraculous healing. Please contact with a little about your interest and calling to this path.


Sacred Earth Retreats for women are a deep journey to the very essence of feminine nature, to the very core of divine beauty of being a woman here on Earth.

Where women will enter into the deepest experience of what it is to be truly woman in a safe and sacred space for women to come together.  Find out more here >>


We will use tried and tested community building tools structures and foundations with project building practices that you will be able to apply with regular meet ups for continued growth and expansion. Find out more here >>