Healing  Sessions

Healing Our Shadow Self

As Albert Einstein said

Imagination is more important than knowledge.

Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.

No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it”


We are gaining a new way of being which is heart informing our intuition our imagination giving us the ability to access higher levels of consciousness to explore through our creative self -expression.

The fire that we are all seeking within is a powerful energy force that ignites our creative inspiration and imagination with passionate life force free from fear and doubt this is the energy we need to manifest from, this is our passion.  We start to feel different, see everything from a new clearer perspective with a new found freedom allowing our creative self- expression and inner happiness to shine.

This leads us to find what truly makes us happy. What we truly Love? What do we value? How do we find our purpose?

We start to see that this is where we find ourselves this is the place we protected that is waiting for us our inner gold. We forgot shining our light on our shadow was the key to the door and what’s hidden behind it.

The importance of the way we express ourselves to other people our friends and our world is the energy we put into our thoughts the words we speak and our behaviour. Our external reality is an expression of our interior reality.

The deeper we delve the more we learn to trust our intuition and   have faith and trust the more we open and expand our consciousness accessing our gifts.


“The essential element in nurturing our creativity lies in nurturing ourselves.”

(Julia Cameron Spiritual Intuitive Healing

What to expect from transformational healing sessions with Lisa

We will discuss where you are at this moment in time and the challenges you are facing and I will work intuitively using a mix of practices to guide you and facilitate your inner transformation I will share and   initiate you with the insights of your personal state of being and there will be questions to go deeper to find the source of the challenges you are being faced with. Each session is unique as is each individual and their situation. We will work together through this expansion process back to wholeness with love and compassion.

Multidimensional Healing

Looking at healing from the place of multidimensional healing approach to wellness is about restoring all aspects of ourselves back to wholeness.

What does this mean?

In resolving and releasing negative karmic patterns from our soul is a big part of this. Multidimensional healing and the way we use this is a mixture of energy techniques   that gets to the root cause of distortions  that are carried in our DNA coming from trauma, ancestral patterning and the collective. Also negative parasitical entities and energies that may be knowingly or unknowingly attached through   your ancestors and  past life experiences.

With a mix of   multidimensional healing techniques   we can discover root causes  to challenging areas and situations in your life that you are experiencing at this time and bring the relative information into your awareness which brings clarity and a new perspective at looking at your situation from a higher dimension rather than a 3D perspective. This can be the key to the door that you have been searching for that was previously hidden.

We are all multidimensional energy beings and that means we are constantly interacting with others energy some are negative and change our experience of our true identities creating confusion of what is my energy and what is not. This can result in feelings of self -doubt and powerlessness and much more.

Once we  have consciousness awareness of the root cause we can be set  free through healing the past by clearing these blocks and karmic patterns that hold us  back and are showing up in  our behaviour patterns and emotions, spiritually and in our body .

Catalysts can appear from nowhere and completely throw us into a downward spiral. This is where we can take this opportunity to heal the past and clear karmic patterns and blocks in our energy body.

Through a multidimensional healing process we will bring forth the unconscious into conscious awareness through deep forgiveness  and  integrating fragmented soul parts bringing us back into wholeness.

We start your process by Pay and schedule a time by email or phone with a short discussion about anything you would like to address.

Sessions can be held over skype or zoom or in person

Once the session is completed we will discuss what we have worked on and what steps you can do to help the process afterwards.

These sessions can be scheduled for yourself or for others (with their permission).

Your healing session will last for about an hour and may go over so allow time for this and relaxing afterwards

Exchange for one Gift Healing session is 77.70 Euro

Transformative Gift Healing With Eight Sessions

In my experience it can take around ninety days to change ingrained patterns and trauma where further deeper healing and exploration with responsible maintenance is necessary. So I have put together a one to one support package for clients starting with a beginners session followed up with a one month package.

You will receive two sessions a week with the opportunity to add extra sessions when needed or for crisis sessions out of your regular booking time this can be very helpful if you are currently dealing with some intense challenges and need one to one immediate support.

The exchange transformation gift healing is   333.00 Euro and may be paid in instalments