Hi I am Lisa Childs




What makes me qualified to share with you?




In the first part of my life process I experienced repetitive cycles of breakdown and near death catalysts. My awakening journey really began when I surrendered and reached out for support. This seemed at the time the worst time of my life unknowingly  I was to find out this was what  I had always been searching for with loving kindness and the best part was knowing I was not alone in challenging times  what I later learned has been called the dark night of the soul a place of release breakdown breakthrough of which I have had many transformations clearing dense energy. Embracing and questioning my reality with clearer vision and compassion going deeper into the unknown.




I am now in my late fifties and have learned from a diverse mix of teachers and indigenous shamanic healers with practices including ancient and new over the past few decades committed to my own growth and supporting others through challenging times in their process back to wholeness.

As an intuitive counselor healer, I bring to sessions and retreats a unique high vibrational blend of new and ancient creative experiential tools with guidance and processes I use and share to bring a deeper connection to access our true self and our intuitive gifts.




In my experience as an artist and teacher in colleges and our holistic community creative arts healing center,  as an oracle, shamanic healer, visionary artist,  quantum energy healer I have found that one shoe does not fit all and we are all at different places in our growth and processes diversity in unity.




If you are called to move forward, commit, grow and embrace your gifts these sessions and retreats may be for you whether you are experiencing an easier or more challenging time.




If you want to change the world first you have to change yourself.